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Because I am also just an ordinary every day mom, I know how badly you want to give your child that amazing birthday party, but I also know how expensive most party planning services are.


I have created a service where you ONLY pay for what you NEED..


I also help you with ideas to entertain little ones, so you don’t need to spend extra money on face painters, magicians etc.   

Or I will help you source entertainment should you want to.  


I can additionally also help you in sourcing an ideal venue, or  transform your home into a perfect party setting...                                                                                Elana De Klerk - OWNER

B  O  U  N  C  I  N  G
B  A  N  A  N  A  S
B  O  U  N  C  I  N  G
B  A  N  A  N  A  S
About us:

For our clients convenience, each service can either be done and bought individually or as a whole party set up. So you can get whatever you want and only what you want....so whether you want just a cake or a party for 40 kids, or only a jumping castle, we can meet any demand!  


Even last minute orders can be placed and we will try our best to accommodate your request..